Friday, May 23, 2014

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

My streptocarpella aka bluebells to my mom, and maybe cape primrose to others.  There is one nursery I know of that has a few available each spring.  I called the other day because they aren't exactly nearby, and the kind lady told me they only had 4 left.  That's exactly what I wanted so I decided it was a perfect day for a drive.  I strongly felt my mom's presence all afternoon.  I feel her presence whenever I look at the pretty violet sky blooms and especially when they attract hummingbirds as they are known to do.

I'm not a gardener.  I don't like dirt or bugs, but I do like flowers.  The extent of my gardening is a few pots of pretty annuals (this year all English garden white and green with ivy) and some groundcover.  Except that I spent hours in another nursery this week.  I was planning and visualizing and dreaming and it occurred to me that I am getting more into this gardening thing than I thought.   There is something grounding about digging in the earth, taking care of tiny roots, nurturing new plants until they burst with blooms, and then standing back and admiring the way they grow and thrive with less and less intervention on my part.  The metaphor is not lost on me.

T. Bone had his last choir concert this week.  He decided he will not continue choir in 8th grade.  I had mixed feelings about until I saw him on the risers looking pained at the whole experience.  Let me tell you sitting in the steamy gym on those chairs of torture is painful too.  He showed zero smiles, no light in his eyes, his lips were barely moving.  That image of him allowed me to reflect on what he had gained in the 3 years he enjoyed choir (well, I guess he only really enjoyed 2 of the 3) instead of focusing on what he would be giving up.  That was an epiphany for me.  I was all prepared to be a little nostalgic and weepy hearted at how fast he is growing up and another last once again thrust upon us, but I was like Yep, it's time, it was charming while it lasted.

Of course, Miss Bit is very excited to join choir next year so I'll still be summoned to the sweaty gym twice a year to be entertained.  I think she'll be bright eyed and smiling though, and there's no where I'd rather be.

Windows wide open days and nights.

Patty Chang Anker's Some Nerve.  It's having more of an impact on me than I expected.  The whole idea of confronting fears, which whatever they are end up being road blocks to peace and growth, is making me reflect.  We're all scared of something.  I thought I knew what my fears were, but this book is making me realize that I'm scared of more than I thought. That is unsettling, but in the best of ways.

Tomato sandwiches.  I had my first one this week.  It may have been a bit premature because the tomato was still a tad tasteless.  I cannot wait for fresh tomatoes from a local garden instead of Mexico.

More spring cleaning.  Coach and his brother tamed our yard today.  They cut and cleared.  There's still plenty of work to do, but that will always be the case.  We are slowly working our way through the long list of to dos.

Summer camps and activities are signed up for and paid for (ouch!).  It will be golf, tennis and a summer fun camp at school for T. Bone, and Survivor Camp at the nature center, water ballet and perhaps, tennis too for Miss Bit.  That leaves plenty of time for spontaneity and slothhood.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!