Friday, May 9, 2014

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

I thought I was going to have to come up with a new moniker for Coach.  See the plan was he wasn't going to coach this year.  The plan was he was just going to be a helper on the myriad of teams the kids are on.  But then he put on this team jersey Saturday and he stood in the dug out or on third base, and I realized that he was still coaching.  And all was right with the blog and the world.

Grilling.  Chicken this week and burgers this weekend.

Baseball season is in full swing.

Soft ball season is soon to follow.  Miss Bit had her first softball practice of the spring and she has a renewed love for the game now that her BFF is on the team, and her Dad is a "helper."

Watching SNL with T. Bone.  He loves it because it is a tiny bit taboo.  I know some of the skits aren't appropriate, but most are OK.  He gets more of it than I think he would or should, but he is a teenager.  There is a modicum of nostalgia because I remember how I felt when my Dad would let me curl up on the couch next to him and stay up for SNL.

I'm listening to Valley of Amazement.  I am a avid Amy Tan fan and I'm loving this story as much as all her others if not more because she is one of the readers.

A date tonight to see A Midsummer Night's Dream with Miss Bit.  I think it's a proper introduction to Shakepeare, and that she will especially like Puck.

She swam hard and fast in her meet yesterday.  She earned two firsts and two seconds.  T. Bone pointed out that she would have all firsts if she would dive off the starting block and learn the flip turn. 

Morning snuggles.

Coach for untangling my 5 favorite necklaces.

Making Lily lol while reading Eleanor and Park.  Apparently, I do a hilarious Korean accent.

Chobani peach, apricot and pear yogurts.

Orioles.  One streaked through the yard the other day.

I got the stains out of my brand new chinos after I washed and then dried them with a tube of my favorite lipstick.  Unfortunately, other laundry items did not fair as well, nor did the lipstick.

The stack of books I picked up from the library today.

Our IT guy.

Last Sunday school class this weekend until fall.

A relatively quiet weekend ahead...for sure some baseball and perhaps a bbq.