Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Without Words

I'm not saying anything because I'm feeling.
Well, maybe just a few words.
My two on another first day.
Teddy a freshman in high school.
I watched a news clip of last year's inaugural day this morning.
It's a tradition that the high schoolers walk the red carpet to the applause of their teachers while the band plays.
They all look a little uncomfortable by the fanfare freshman and seniors alike.
But I believe that they must feel some sort of fire in their bellies at that parade.
I get teary every year watching it.
This year I sobbed imagining Teddy's first walk down the runway.
It's just so ceremonious that it speaks straight to my sentimentality.
And that's what I have to do this year...imagine it.
Unless, that is, he takes his sister's suggestion and breaks out in the Whip/ Nae Nae.
If he does that, he'll likely make the 6 o'clock broadcast.
He was a little short and quiet this morning.
Equal parts nerves for all things new and keening over those lost.
Me too.
She woke all rainbows and butterflies and was sweet as pie.
Lily's first day as a sixth grader began with her usual smile.
Make no mistake, she's not happy to see summer end, but there is excitement in wearing the first day outfit she picked out with Grandma and Grandpa, in seeing who is in her classes and meeting new teachers.
She sent me an encouraging text on her way to school.
As much as I try to mask it, she knows how I rue endings.
But already the gentle shift to beginnings has begun.
Our standing first day of school date is to swim in the lake at gloaming.
Every year something magical happens.
Whether it's dove shaped clouds or a cluster of hummingbirds, we stand there awed and humbled by it all, and certainly grateful for a fresh, cleansing start.