Saturday, September 5, 2015

August in an Instagram

Every year August seems to pass at warp speed.  It seems beyond reason that 31 days can come and go with such velocity and then leave a lasting impression.  But the do...they did.  Here is the evidence.

1. After the boys won the State Tournament, we traveled to regionals in Indiana with the team for the better part of a week.

2. They played hard and well.  Ted showed up on the mound and his pitching was on fire. He held it together under pressure at times I wasn't sure he'd be able to, and we received many compliments from other coaches and tournament officials about him and our team.

3. We spent lots of time at the ball park.  And then after we failed to advance, we watched the Little League World Series somewhat obsessively.

4.  In our downtime we spent time at the pool, the go kart park or mini golfing so basically there was no down time.  Grandpa came down and he and Lily spent lots of time at Culvers too.  The boys were inseparable hanging out in one room or another unless they were sleeping.  Win or lose, they won. We won.

5. Lily had a little too much fun driving that go kart imo.

6. Mike coached Ted for the last time, and ended his coaching career (for now) with a smile on his face.

7. After the boys won State, we drove 1300 miles to Montana.

8. We explored Yellowstone, rode horses through the back country, rafted down the Yellowstone River and had a fantastic, filled to the brim few days.

9. Despite our tight schedule, we managed to see most of the "must sees" and a few on our own radar.  Here are Ted and Lil at Artist Point, a definite must see.

10. Ted the river rat wearing his bucket hat.  We swam in the Gardner and Yellowstone Rivers and had some of the most fun just playing in the water at the end of the long, hot days.

11. Lily turned 11 and got her own phone mostly for my convenience and not at all because practically every other sixth grader has one already fyi.

12. I turned 46 when all summer I thought I was turning 47.  I got a free year so I better make it count!

13. I went all the way to YNP and saw countless bison, but it wasn't until I was back in Wisconsin that I was charged by a bull, and let me tell you, they are fast, fierce and mighty.

14. The Shalom Wildlife Preserve is our new favorite place nonetheless.  I won't be visiting the county zoo any longer.  The animals had huge, natural habitats and they just seemed happier.  We could feed anything with hooves or beaks and so we fed and petted, moose, deer, emu, pigs, wild horses, reindeer, ducks, goats, burros, rabbits, skunk and llamas.  We played with raccoon and fox too.

15. We finally found the time to visit our favorite beaches.

16. And also the State Fair on a beautiful 90 degree day.

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