Friday, September 4, 2015

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

A smooth transition into the new school year.  Well, mostly smooth.  There was a little too much hitting the snooze on Ted's part, a little disorganization on Lily's part and as for my part...I sent her to school with an empty lunch box one day and no water bottle the next (oh and it was 90 degrees). That being said, he was ready for his ride even if by the grace of you know who, her paperwork was found and completed, and she got hot lunch and used the bubbler.  We all survived.


Lots of lake time the past couple weeks especially the Back to School Plunge and also that Mike finally got to experience a night we rave about year after year.



Coach's  not coaching anymore so from here on out Coach will be Mike.

A mid-week movie night.  We watched the Da Vinci Code and it was quite compelling.

A visit to Shalom Wildlife Preserve the last week of summer vacation when it wasn't so summery. We planned to go to Lake Michigan, but it was only a stinking 60 degrees out so we changed course.  It was an animal oasis not far from town and we all loved our time there even though I was charged by a bison and Lily was gnawed on by an albino skunk.

The By The Book Column in The NY Times Book Review.

I got rid of the ugly, furry black spider that was so big I heard him scurrying across the grass cloth on my bedroom wall.  The minute I moved he made a mad dash and so did I.  I don't think I'd have been able to sleep in my room for at least a week if he got away.  Despite the fact that it was already 10 o'clock and I was settling down to read, I got out the Dyson and even vacuumed behind the furniture.

A clean room.

My Dad for reminding me how delicious potatoes on the grill can be.  He made them on Sunday and I was thinking about them until I made them again Wednesday.  They were gone by Thursday.


The way that Sally Mann's memoir has me thinking about art, memory, family history and storytelling.

The way the cats curl up beside me day or night.

A long holiday weekend.

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