Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September Inventory

Reading I recently finished Hold Still.  Mann's memoir was a little disjointed, but I appreciated her candor and self-awareness especially in light of all the controversy surrounding her.  The pictures of her nude children bothered me less than the photos taken at the body farm. In fact, they bothered me not at all as I saw the greater composition. They weren't nude photos, they were family photos and the children happened to be naked.  The Woman Upstairs was the first book in forever that I finished and then promptly started again.  It's also been awhile since I really appreciated an ending. This is in my top 5 this year.  I read The Folded Clock last week, and was a bit enamored with Julavits.  Her confessional tone made reading this work intimate.  I want to meet her for a coffee or a swim off the Maine coast, and I am afraid of sharks.  I'll definitely be reading some of her fiction in the future, and maybe moving to Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire or Rhode Island one day. Hopefully, writing a book too.  This week I'm enjoying Life From Scratch and The Rocks.

Wondering if there is a natural way to regulate my mood swings.  I'm worn out by the constant ups and downs lately.  I cannot even stand my own company many days.  Then I assume I must be a drag on everyone else too so I retreat and withdraw, perpetuating the vicious cycle.

Noticing that September has elapsed in a blur.  Slowly and then all at once our maple in the front yard turns red.  Soon I'll look down the river and be wowed by a rambling waterway of color.

Watching Season 4 of Homeland, and  trying to exercise portion control.  I really think we're going to have to sign up for Showtime before October 3rd when season 5 starts up again.  Also old faves in the fall line-up like DWTS, Modern Family, Amazing Race and Survivor. There's so little programming a family can enjoy together.

Listening to  Donald Trump insult woman after woman, and I'm getting pretty sick of it too.  Hilary tell lie after lie...I was sick of that years ago.  Just started listening to Undisclosed: The State v. Adnan Syed and liking it better than Serial probably because of the background knowledge I now have with regard to the case.

Eating like it's still summer most of the time.  It's still grilling weather, but soon it will be time for more comfort food.  I have to reacquaint myself with soups and stews.  Last week, I stocked up at our best loved Italian market and felt relief that I didn't have to cook much all week.  Then I felt guilt because cooking is one of the things I do for my family.  It's something I love to do for my family. I have to confess that I baked prefab cookies for the kids' lunches this week.  Lily thought they were the bomb, and I thought they tasted worse than dog food.  But lasagna soup is on tomorrow's menu at the kids' request so things are falling back into place.

Drinking Bragg's cider vinegar starting tomorrow and tons of water. Today is the first day that it feels right to have an afternoon mug of hot tea so I will.

Wanting peace of mind and clarity.  I feel like there are too many balls in the air right now. My mind is muddled.

Wearing layers since in the mornings, evenings and anytime we have a lake breeze, the air is cool.

Hoping that we have a nice day for the Badger game Saturday.  It's been a long time since I've been back to Camp Randall and I'd appreciate appropriate football weather: cool, cloudy and dry.  Thank you.

Thinking that Sasha Martin's blog, Global Table Adventure, might be just the place to find some much needed meal planning inspiration. I've bookmarked numerous recipes that I think the whole family will enjoy preparing and eating together.  I appreciate the way she makes these somewhat exotic recipes accessible to everyday home cooks.  I'm also thinking about how I'm going to replicate the  Short Rib Risotto Jess and I enjoyed at The Cooper's Hawk last week when she took me for dinner on my Mom's birthday.  

Enjoying #talesofseptember on Instagram, and the kind, caring community connected by this hashtag.  This week's super moon event. Green rice, which is brown rice with kale adapted from the GOOP goddess and good with everything, but especially topped with a perfectly poached egg.  Broody skies.  Morning and evening walks with my guy, and also sitting beside him on the sidewalk sharing breakfast at the Pleasant Cafe instead of walking.

Loving  The way Teddy is loving cross country and motivated to break 20. He did over the weekend on our hilly home course.  The way Miss Bit is excited for swimming and eager to get to the pool after a day at school.  That both my kids are hardworking and self-motivated.  I don't have to police their assignments or grades because they are on top of it all.

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