Friday, September 18, 2015

To Be Young

Ted's cross country meet was in the park near our house last night so Lily and I rode our bikes over to cheer him on.  It was my first time as a spectator of this sport and I loved seeing him in action.  I was surprised by how exciting it was.  Despite the fact that it's an individual sport, the team spirit is present and palpable. Seeing him in a Nicolet uniform made this all very real.  'This" being high school. Our home course is a tough one, but Ted was still not happy that he added 20 some seconds to his best time.  He just started running a month ago and is finishing a 5K in 20 minutes, but he yearns for 19.  Oh to be young.  It started to sprinkle and then rain while we waited at Miss Bit's insistence for all runners to complete the race.  God forbid she not cheer them all on (and especially the stragglers) equally and enthusiastically.  As we rode home in the pouring rain she told me, "I'm just so proud of Teddy!"  And then she said, "Isn't riding bikes in the rain so fun!?!"  Oh to be young.

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