Friday, September 25, 2015

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

My faithful reading buddy.

 (He is always waiting for me to cuddle.)

Her faithful bedtime buddy. 

(Peanut finally discovered the foot of Lily's bed and she's so happy that after 7 years, her cat is sleeping with her at night.)

His homework companion.

(In between problems, he receives pets.)

Crossword puzzles and Sudoku's.  I'm proficient in one and deficient in the other.

Seeing the sunrise from the beach on the first day of fall.

(Do you spy the swimmer and the gull?)

The perfect lunch: a baked potato topped with Greek yogurt and chives.

The perfect dinner: Korean grilled chicken with green rice (brown rice with kale) and sweet steamed carrots.

A dinner date with Jess on my Mom's birthday.  We ate delicious food, drank wine, toasted and talked.

(Pictured here are Asian Pork Belly Tostadas and an almost empty wine flight.  Soon the tostadas were gone, and the wine replenished.)

A Happy Birthday for my Dad last week too!  He cooked surf and turf for us on his birthday on a beautiful end of summer night.  He likes giving more than receiving.

Shopping around the city with Lily last Saturday.  We visited some of our favorite neighborhoods and markets for all the essentials: cupcakes, wine, aged balsamic, good Parm., fresh bread, and EVOO.

(She shops, carries and poses, and she only asks for one or maybe two treats.)

Thunder and lightning.

(From my bedroom window before bed.)

Mother Nature's wonders.

A beautiful weekend ahead of us.  We're been enjoying the perfect end of summer mix of warm days and cool mornings and evenings.

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