Tuesday, September 1, 2015

two day pass

this was the last weekend of summer vacation.
the last hurrah.
freedom's final performance.
to this stretch of days we say bravo, but there won't be an encore.
although there should be.
ted got in lots of golf...finally.
friday with his uncle and sunday with grandma, grandpa and dad.
there was a pizza night with friends to talk about school year carpooling.
funny how denial kept every one of us from mentioning it.
there was a record breaking back to school shopping trip for teddy and grandpa.
lily and i purchased a single birthday gift before we got the call to meet the boys for lunch.
that's textbook efficiency.
there were baby backs for saturday dinner with jess, and beer can chicken on grandma and grandpa's deck on sunday.
there was a walk through the park, a matinee and a day at the beach.
as far as weekends go...i give this one a 10.
last night at the end of our weekend, we ate dinner early and curled up to read before bed.
as far as transitions go...i give us a 9.5.
not bad.

1. smoky, smothered shore.
2. the frigid lake is no obstacle for this water warrior. (pose inspired by the mockingjay trailer we saw the day before.)
3. beachy bouquet.
4. "now dad, the way you get in is you just get in."
5. skein in end of summer sky.
6. they're in this together.
7. you
8. sneaky
9. dad!

sayonara summer.