Thursday, September 17, 2015

Better Than Modern Family

There was no question that Mike and I would tune into the debate last night.  It's important that we stay informed and we both enjoy a little political sparring. Maybe not 15 months or 3 hours worth, but that's a topic to tackle another time.  After her homework was complete, Lily joined us and as God is my witness she said, 'This is so fun!"  Yep.  Fun.  Ted sauntered in eventually, and he too stayed for much longer than I would have at his age clearly engaged.  So it was as a family that we watched the bulk of the debate, and no one even asked to change the channel.  She did ask if Donald Trump was for real running for president, and he asked what Planned Parenthood was.  It lead to some important discussion.

When I was a kid, I had only vague political knowledge.  I was aware of my parent's political affiliations, and who they were voting for, and that I should not talk about it on the playground under any circumstances.  It was hard to be unaware when my Mom not only put bumper stickers on her car (with tape mind you), but had her own clever slogans designed and produced on them.  My Mom who hated bumper stickers with a passion that apparently paled in comparison to her political fervor.  Nonetheless, political discussion was relegated to the world of adults, and once in awhile I overheard banter back and forth, but it didn't concern or interest me.

When I became interested in politics in college, some of the awards I won and the views I held must have made my parent's cringe, but to their credit, they never let on.  They let me form my own opinions and draw my own conclusions trusting that the values imparted to me in my upbringing would inform and guide me, or that eventually I'd become a taxpayer myself with skin in the game.  I love it that my kids show some interest in being informed, and when they ask what "we" are or what "we" think, I am careful to answer, "I" am or "I" think.

This morning at breakfast Lily was still incredulous over the fact that Donald Trump thinks he can be president.  Before, digging into her yogurt, she rolled her eyes, guffawed and said, "You're fired!  No way! Just no way."

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