Monday, December 1, 2014

2 day pass

i wasn't going to write this weekending wrap up today.
and then after i wrote it, i wasn't sure about posting it.
i write honestly, but i don't disclose everything.
some things are too private, or too painful, and some things are just mine, or not mine at all.
this long weekend was filled with high highs and low lows.
and that's all i can say because the lows are not my stories to tell.
in some ways it seems inauthentic to edit out the dark spots and share only the joy moments.
but in others, it seems like exactly the way to proceed...
to focus on the good, to extract the marrow, to shine the light on what i want to remember.
things like miss bit staking claim to not one, but two turkey legs and then bellying up to the poker table with the boys after dinner and walking away the big winner (with lots of help i am certain).
and realizing that t. bone is as tall as my tall aunt now, and he picks out the best christmas trees too.
and spending so much spontaneous time with my cousin visiting from colorado.
and in laws who understand that i need to be with her instead of them this time.
and connecting with my cousins spread out across the country if only by phone.
and a beautiful day for shopping in lake geneva.
and a brother in law who comes to help his brother hang lights, and a frister who comes to help me heal my heart.
loved ones hurt us and they help us.
families are complicated and forever.
holidays are bitter and sweet.
life is at times trying and at times rewarding.
we must take the good with the bad and live on.