Tuesday, December 23, 2014

two day pass

it was a weekend of finishing touches, firsts and lasts.
the kids had their last day of school and are now on vacation for 2 weeks.
they are off for 14 whole days!
miss bit had her last riding lesson friday night.
she cantered without a lead for the first time.
she was first nervous and last elated.
we bought the last gift and i wrapped the first one.
i made the first batch of irish cream and mixed the last batch of gingerbread.
although if i'm to be completely honest, i'm pretty sure more cookies will be coming.
and a few last minute gifts as well.
we watched the christmas story for the first time and celebrated the last sunday of advent, which fell humbly on the winter solstice...the first day of winter and the shortest day of the year.
we hummed silent night for the first time this season, or rather we wooo woooed it.
there is a beautiful difference between hmmmm hmmming and wooo wooing.
i got chills and a tear or two in the middle of the song.
we surprised the kids with tickets to see varakei.
at first only lily was over the moon, but in the end even our resident teenager was impressed.
it was quite an amazing and beautiful show.
funny too and not as dark as so many of the stories.
of the five cirques i have seen, this one ranks second only to mystere.
after the show we made our way up brewers hill to have dinner at the jackson blue ribbon.
it was t. bone's choice and a good one.
coach says they have the best wings in the city, and ted is rather fond of their pizza and shuffle board.
i regretted splitting the grilled pork chop sandwich with mike only because i wanted the other half for lunch the next day.
after holiday lights tour around the neighborhood, lily and i curled up in bed and started the sound of music.
i drifted off in the middle of my favorite things, which is to say not long after the show started.
this last weekend before Christmas was a good one.