Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December Inventory

Reading I'm just about finished with A Secret History, Tartt's first novel. I started it at the beginning of November proving that sadly there hasn't been much time devoted to reading this month.

Wondering what to buy my dad and my brother.  They are always the two people I have the most trouble coming up with gift ideas for.

Noticing the phenomenon by which time moves faster as I age.  Intellectually I know that a minute is still a minute...a day is still a day, but emotionally time passage defies any rational thought or logic.

Watching Master Chef Jr., Top Chef and The Taste.  I gave up on Californication.  I felt like I needed to go to detox after each episode. We have tickets to Varekei later this month.  I think the kids will really enjoy it.  They've seen one other Cirque, but Lily was only 5 and she has no memory of the show.

Listening to all Christmas all the time.  My favorites are Sarah McClalan's Wintersong, Jack Johnson's A Christmas Song, Grover Washington Jr.'s Breath of Heaven, Natalie Cole's The Holly and the Berry, and O Come Emanuel sung by the church choir.

Eating comfort food lately and a new old recipe last night.  I've had Swedish meatballs on my mind.  I finally found a recipe that I liked.  They were delicious.  Lily, our resident carnivore and meatball aficionado, gave them a 10 out of 10, and Ted gave them a high 7.

Drinking the usual suspects and thinking of making a batch of Irish cream for the holidays seeing as how I will be forgoing most holiday baking this year.

Dreaming about a year of Decembers. 

Feeling everything, which is both good and bad.

Wanting to keep the focus on Christ and also to think of and do for the less fortunate and lonely.   It's a serious challenge in a culture so consumed with stuff.  We are enticed by the latest and the greatest when what we have is perfectly fine and enough.  The Millennials have an insatiable appetite for more, which is not as disturbing to me as is their expectation that it is their right to be given what they want when they want it.  And equally as unsettling is the way their parents, my generation, stuffs them with stuff without thinking about the consequences.

Wearing a pretty new to me pink scarf I had to have when I spotted it at the consignment shop, and lots of black and grey.

Hoping that 2015 is a year of action for me.  A year of growth too.  2014 felt stifling and a little bit sad.  I don't want a repeat of that.

Thinking that a walk would feel great today.  It's only in the 20s, but the paths are clear of ice and snow and I have lots of warm layers.

Enjoying the cats enjoying the Christmas tree.  This is them right now:

Loving peppermint bark and fairy food, a Frasier fir scented candle, a house and world awash in twinkly lights, advent season at church, and the joy and wonder of the holidays especially as experienced through the eyes of my children.