Friday, December 19, 2014

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

My buddy.  It's a vanilla almond cappuccino number that I am happy to be friendly with.
Lily's and packed with a decade's worth of St. Nick and Aunt Jess ornaments. 
The 18 year balsamic we picked up last weekend.  It's so good that even Lily switched from her beloved ranch to oil and vinegar.

Holiday classics like The Family Stone and A Christmas Story all lined up for the weekend ahead.

A weekend that will mostly be devoted to wrapping and relaxing before the festivities begin.  And perhaps the consumption of a hot toddy or two.

Cake for breakfast.  Cake for breakfast with lots of whipped cream and a few berries.  Smiles from happy kids.

Miss Bit reading all my favorite children's Christmas books out loud to me before I tuck her in at night.  That we are never too old to enjoy these classics from childhood.

I made a few batches of cookies this week.  It just doesn't feel like Christmas until I bring out my tattered Electric Company cookbook and get busy with dough.  It's the same cookbook my brother and I used when we first started baking  probably when I was my daughter's age.  It's so special to me that now she and I bake together.

A meeting tomorrow with a kitchen designer.  It's the first scary and exciting step in what I know will be a long remodeling road.

Harney and Sons cinnamon tea.

I don't have to make lunches or shag kids off to bed for the next two weeks.  Coach doesn't have to rouse sleepy heads, supervise homework or go to work for that matter.

A change in routine.  It is a good thing and we are all ready for it.