Sunday, December 14, 2014

two day pass

this weekend was...

friday on the farm.
our second to last until spring.
she rode with confidence even though admiral was testy and a little uncooperative on the cold, dark night.

dinner out with my brother and sil after riding.
i finally quenched my months long burger craving.
it didn't matter that they no longer make milky way pie 'cuz lily had no room after fried cheese curds, wings and chicken tenders.

up early on saturday to see teddy off for a day of skiing.
(after a night of skiing.)
lily and i ventured reluctantly to the mall to do her christmas shopping.
we were surprised to find parking easy and check out quick.
she rocked it and managed to pick out presents for all but one person on her list of 12.
she also found several things for herself.
i told her my no buying anything for myself in december rule.
she wasn't impressed, but she adhered.
we celebrated her shopping success over lunch at the food court.
why do kids so love this experience?

a chill saturday night at home.
the four of us played a game, and enjoyed dinner that coach planned, shopped for and prepared for us.
he stood outside in the damp cold grilling us ribs in the dark.
now that is love.
he had the flavor down and plans to perfect the technique.
we will happily be his guinea pigs.
we all lived and there were no leftovers.
after dinner, we watched remember the titans.
even teddy who can usually give or take a night at the movies unless it's james bond or such.
we all enjoyed it very much.
it was uncannily timely.

up early again on sunday for church.
it was the third sunday of advent known as gaudete sunday.
gaudete is latin for rejoice.
father tim acknowledged that things are difficult in this world right now and rejoicing is not always our first or most comfortable response.
but he reminded us that it is natural to feel joy and sorrow simultaneously.
it is what makes us human.
we sang o come emmanuel and i was definitely rejoicing.
while the kids attended sunday school, coach and i visited the public market.
i wanted to see the gingerbread houses on display.
they were the handiwork of students in the culinary arts department of a local college.
our favorite was the church complete with stained glass windows and pews inside.
miss bit and i have to up our game next year!
we scooped up the kids and headed to gloriosos to get some lunch.
muffulettas and pizza pies and pizza breads before homework and chores and errands and workouts.

company pot roast for sunday dinner.
the gravy for which is made of leeks, onions, garlic, celery, carrots, tomatoes, cognac, stock, red wine, rosemary, thyme, and salt and pepper, and is so amazing that you want to eat it on everything especially if you are coach.
i had to take a nap after dinner and before finally finishing a secret history just in time for a new week.
(weeks start on monday in my world.)
i cannot say to you read this, but i'm not disappointed that i did so I cannot say don't.
i'll start something new tomorrow.
every day offers a fresh start.
isn't that the beauty of it all?