Friday, November 28, 2014

Grateful Friday

 Today I give thanks for...

Celebrating my favorite holiday with family yesterday.  I felt filled with gratitude all day long.  I woke to a quiet house and was able to enjoy my first cup of coffee with my cats and my carols.  Miss Bit was next to rise and we watched the parade together.  My Mom loved the Macy's parade and I just know she would have loved to curl up on the couch with us for those 3 hours.  I miss her everyday so this holiday is certainly no exception.  And everyone that I shared the day with is missing someone special...we all have moments of sadness in our happiness.  We made a hearty family breakfast to tide us over until the big feast.  Then coach and I layered up and went out for what used to be our annual Turkey Day run.  Only now we walk.  The fresh air and fast few miles were just what I needed.  It started to snow as we made our way over the river to my dad and step-mom's neck of the woods.  Woods that were filled with so many ruby breasted cardinals that they looked like ornaments perfectly placed on the snow painted branches.  There were red headed wood peckers and a gang of turkey too.  Then the day carried on in usual fashion with football, two beautiful birds (not from the yard) and all the fixings thanks to the chefs of the house, perfectly paired wines thanks to my brother and sil, a trip around the table and down memory lane, a game of poker and a viewing of Elf.

Family and good friends who are my chosen family.  So many blessings in my life in the form of angels on earth.

After work today, I met up with my cousin and my stepmom for a little late lunch at our favorite Italian deli.  I was able spend some quality time with them, and also to give Carol her birthday gift, which I'm pretty sure she loved!

A cozy movie night in with Coach.  The kids are busy with friends so we can watch something R rated.

Baristas who top off my 10 year olds hot chocolate with clouds of whipped cream.  Colectivo has a customer for life in Lily.


DALS and this simple yet delicious recipe for Scalloped Potatoes that is perfect for Sunday dinner.

Lily was awarded 5th grade Student of the Quarter this week!  That is an BIG exclusive deal!  The principal called me on Monday morning to give me the news and to rave about what a wonderful student and person Miss Bit is.  I am proud of her hard work and kindness, and grateful that it is recognized by all her teachers.

One on one time with both my kids last weekend while Coach was off having fun with his father, brothers and uncle in the north woods.

Miss Bit saw me looking at a dress on line and got excited because she thought it was for her.  I was ordering it for another little lady we know. Lily's not much into dresses lately so I have to get my girly fix elsewhere. To say I was surprised that she loved and wanted it is an understatement.  It's no surprise that I ordered her one too. Maybe I'll be a little surprised if she wears it.

Shopping with Mike Wednesday morning.  We had just a couple hours while the kids were in school for half day, but we made lots of progress.  The stores were dead.  Everyone must have been waiting for all the Black Friday deals and I couldn't have been happier than to shop in peace even though there were no door busters or blow out deals.

A movie afternoon.  We picked the kids plus one up from school and went to see The Mocking Jay.  We all loved it.  Only Coach has read the book, but now I don't think I can wait for part II.

Cooking with Lily.  She helped me make my Mom's zucchini dish Wednesday night.  She stirred, sautéed and seasoned, and then eventually she tasted and loved it.  It's simple, but delicious and it reminds me of my Mom because this was always a part of her Thanksgiving menu.  She left no recipe, which left me in a panic, but I worked it out.  Because I wish I had learned more of her recipe secrets and spent more time beside her in the kitchen, I always divulge my own recipe secrets to my daughter along with the stories and memories of each dish.  Plus I write everything down!

I decorated my dining room tree with all my Mom's ornaments, and now I feel close to her every time I walk by it.