Monday, November 17, 2014

2 day pass

it was so cold friday night that miss bit wasn't even excited for riding.
well, until we got to the farm, which was all but deserted except for admiral.
he was wearing a blanket and waiting in a dimly lit stall.
as we entered the barn he perked up and there is no doubt in my mind that not only does he recognize lily, but he likes her a real lot too.
he nuzzled her playfully and followed her every move.
he doesn't much care for me, but i'm ok with that.
as i sat shivering in the viewing room, i so missed fall on the farm. 
poor little winston didn't dare step off his coir mat lest his pads meet the crisp concrete.
for once i had to go to him, and this once i really thought about taking him home.
of course, i know he would be missed and also missing the mousing life of a bohemian barn cat.
the boys were off with friends so when we got home, lily and i shared a pizza and a solid night's sleep.
acting class gets us out of bed early on saturday morning.
i mulled around stopping here for rolls and there for meatballs for lunch, and i mailed the rest of the kid's candy to the troops feeling all very accomplished so early in the morning.
the first couple hours of every day sets the tone for all of what is to come.
the cousins came over and the brothers took the children to the audubon for a hike before lily attended a roller skating party.
i took a long, chilly walk before the snow started to fly.
the boys spent the night eating pizza and watching the badgers, while lily and i enjoyed grease at a nearby high school.
as full and frenzied as saturday was, sunday was the polar opposite.
we came home after church and sunday school, and we stayed home.
it was a perfect family day of r and r.
we hung out, we lounged, we chilled all without a single apology.
there were no chores or errands or workouts.
we ate football food for dinner like choriqueso for them and spanakopita for us, and cheered on the packers.
we were in bed early and fell asleep with books in our hands rested from the weekend and ready for the week ahead.