Sunday, November 23, 2014

2 day pass

it was just ted, lily and i this weekend...
although rarely was it just us.
coach was away hunting in the north woods.
we three stayed home...
although rarely were we home.
the weekend was rather full, but in the best ways.
there was a lot of too and fro, on the go and come what may, but it was all good.
t. bone had plans with friends both friday and saturday night, and a date to workout with uncle b. after church on sunday.
miss bit had a date with admiral to ride, a date with grandma judy to see the lion king and a date with a friend to play.
rose and i almost caught up over wine and cheese on friday.
i cannot tell you how happy i am that she lives so close now and i just know there are more impromptu girl's nights in our purview.
i enjoyed coffee with my aunt saturday morning, lunch with lily and grandma, and then libations for the badger game with my brother, sil and ted on saturday afternoon.
in the first time in the history of ever, ted didn't...couldn't finish his wings.
we all gathered for a little happy hour at the end of the day.
the ladies returned with rave reviews for the show.
lily said it was even better than Phantom, and was especially wowed by the giraffes and the stampede.
coach came home without a deer on sunday afternoon.
he was eager for a shower and to sleep in his own bed.
we grilled pork tenderloin, and roasted some brussel's sprouts and a pan of scalloped potatoes.
then we caught up over family dinner and turned in cozy to be all together again.