Friday, November 21, 2014

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

A family night out in the middle of the week for bowling and pizza.

Grease.  The cast was a little underwhelming, but the audience was not.  We sat in the middle of a group of special needs teens who cheered, clapped, and even hand jived their way through the show.  Their joy became my joy, and Miss Bit felt it too.
Dancing With The Stars.  I love this cast now that at first I had little faith in.  I cried through much of this week's show because each couple danced with such beautiful vulnerability.

An hour in the middle of the week with my dear friend Mary.
Rose is coming over tonight to catch up.


Indie and Jazzy Christmas.


My new oven.  It heats quickly and cooks evenly.
Building confidence.  Miss Bit had a bit of a rough time leading up to her swim meet this week with nervous anticipation.  It's her first meet in a long while and it was a bigger meet at a new pool with new coaches.  Not to mention that she was slated to swim back stroke, which is not her favorite.  She need not have worried though. She came in third out of 7 in her heat.  That turned everything around for her - she took first in her freestyle heat- and now she wants to compete in the next meet.
Warmer temperatures in the forecast and a short, holiday week ahead.