Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Inventory

Reading...not nearly enough.  I finally picked up a book for the first time this year the other day.  I'm a little embarrassed to identify the memoir as it's not exactly quality material, but Amanda Knox's story is an easy, entertaining read. I have stacks of what I know to be good reads stashed around the house so I have no excuse except that I usually read one tawdry, tell all every year.

Wondering...Did she do it?  First I thought absolutely, then no way and now possibly.

Noticing...that it is staying lighter a little longer into every day.

Watching...too much television and none of it particularly provocative.  Bad movies like last year's slasher film You're Next, lousy reality television and cooking competition after cooking competition.  I am looking forward to binge watching the first 3 seasons of Downton Abbey, which are in my possession and the second season of Homeland, which I hope to soon procure.

Listening to...Captain & Tennille's Muskrat Love compelled by news of their divorce.  It takes me straight back to the backseat of my Mom's orange Honda Civic circa 1975.  And they whirled and they twirled and the tangoed...singin' and jinglin' a jangle...floatin' like the heavens above...looks like muskrat looooo-oooove.  Not listening to Aladdin.

Eating...simply but soulfully.  Lemon and garlic stuffed roast chicken one night.  Making stock with the carcass another night for bowls of chicken pastina soup.  Plates of an almost authentic pasta carbonara another night: a recipe that is truly about the quality of the few ingredients involved.

Drinking...lots of hot coffee and tea, some wine and not nearly enough water.  Why is it so hard for me to get my daily 8?

Dreaming...of my Mom when I am asleep and of how to live a better, more balanced life when I am awake.

Feeling...cozy and lazy and quiet.  Introspective too.

Wanting...more snowstorms and snow days.

Wearing...warm sweaters with leggings and boots.  I just got a new sweater last week.  I loved it and then knew I had to have it when I saw it was called the Storyteller Sweater.

Hoping...that I can figure out what to do with my hair...cut, color, cut & color?  I feel like I need to do something, but I am stuck.

Thinking...that you couldn't pay me to travel to Sochi Olympics or not.

Enjoying...a shopping free month.  No holidays or birthdays or season changes to shop for.

Loving...Miss Bit's penchant for the stage, T. Bone's affinity for the rink, Peanut and Tigger's attraction to any and every lap, $5 Tuesdays at the theater, workouts on the elliptical, painting and writing,, Instagram and the my_365 daily challenge, when all the laundry is clean, folded and put away, feeding the birds, and the dailiness of life.