Monday, January 6, 2014

2 day pass

it may be monday, but the polar vortex extended our weekend.
i'm lounging beside miss bit in my bed under lots of warm blankets.
she never changed out of her pjs today.
we are on our lap tops and watching the bachelor.
i may have to change my mind on how long this viewing continues.
i know this is not exactly appropriate, but she promised to close her eyes when there's kissing.
t. bone just joined us too.
at this point in 2014, i'm a rather unlikely candidate for mother of the year.
school is cancelled again tomorrow.
i guess i'll go to the movies next week now that the kids will be home.
that's ok because august osage county will be out by then.
the relative quietness of the last few days will continue.
we stayed close to home for the duration.
except for t. bone who hit the slopes on saturday.
and miss bit who went to see frozen with friends.
coach and i were happy to order takeout chinese and watch snl.
sunday we went to church.
i really wanted to stay in bed,
father t.'s sermon was especially poignant and the music so beautiful.
it was the epiphany.
he said we are all gifts so shine (gold), we should all be priestly and aim to lift up everyone we encounter (frankincense) and we should feel the joy even in adversity (myrrh).
we sang what child is this and joy to the world.
i cried.
and felt so grateful that we didn't stay in bed.
while the kids had sunday school, we stopped at our favorite italian deli and stocked up on pizza fixings.
my brother and sil joined us for the packer play off game.
we all made pies.
this time i made a thai chicken pizza that was quite tasty.
i also perfected my caesar salad dressing...less dijon and more parmesan.
sadly the packers lost  and now the season is over for us.
but the weekend isn't over...yet.