Friday, January 10, 2014

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Hot soup on cold nights.  I made my roasted tomato soup this week and topped it with Coach's 13 year aged white cheddar.  Miss Bit opted for a mug of tomato over chicken pastina.  I love how her palette is becoming more adventurous.

A cat who knows what he wants.  Peanut just tried to curl up on my computer which happens to be on my lap.

A dinner date tonight with Miss Bit and Coach.  Don't know where we're going yet, but I do know it'll be some place that serves chicken tenders.

T. Bone's been getting in lots of skiing. Three times this week.  Tonight and all day tomorrow.

Painting sessions with Miss Bit at the kitchen table.  I love that kind of together time.

Tomorrow will be a nice day to take a walk.  I need a break from the elliptical.  Coach and I logged three miles last Sunday.  It was in the teens and my poor cheeks had wind burn for days.

T. Bone is motoring through the Pitticus Lore series.  I secretly love when I have to sneak into his room to turn of his lamp because he falls asleep reading.

I'm in the process (with Coach's very patient help) of getting the hundreds of pictures off my old cell phone onto my new computer so I can edit them.  I also have to get the photos off my Nikon.  Then I have to get my Mine Craft junkies off my new computer so I can get to work.  I feel like my photos have been held hostage.  My computer too.

Mindy Kaling and Alyssa Milano.  Strong, successful women who are beautiful role models for other women.

The ethereal steam rising off the frozen shores of Lake Michigan this week.  It was otherworldly.

A home.  Heat too.

Tomorrow I'm taking down the trees.  All three of them.  Now it's time and I'm ready.