Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Days slowly getting longer, but not warmer.
High energy bills.
Low energy levels.
Furnaces going out on the coldest day of Miss Bit's life.
Coach and then nice repairmen to the rescue.
80 degree temperature swings in less than a week.
Freeze thaw freeze thaw.
Arctic air, blowing snow and bitter wind chills.
Fuzzy boots and socks.
Wool hats and sweaters.
Afghans: one for each member of the family including the cats.
Christmas clean up and store returns.
Sales, but who wants to shop?, lessons, practices.
Hot soups.
Warm breads.
Hearty pastas.
Comfort food.
One last drink in festive glasses to almost finish the Irish Cream.
Purge of leftovers and snacks and sweets.
Time to be healthy, but that comfort food is calling and it's too cold to exercise outside.
Arts and crafts in the afternoon.
Movies in the evening...2 1/2 yesterday alone.
Some get stir crazy.
Skiing and hockey and skating.
Others I channel my inner Oblomov.
Flannel sheets.
Cuddly cats.
Curling up with a book.
Two more months of hibernation.