Monday, November 25, 2013

two day pass

we were a family of three this weekend.
coach headed to deer camp with his father, brother and nephews.
ted was invited too, but he had a party to attend Saturday.
the theme was candy...need i say more.
i think it was probably for the best.
i don’t see him handling the lack of running water for his nightly shower well.
or the sound of many men snoring in a small space.
they probably wouldn’t have enjoyed listening to him sniffle either.
the boys got a cold, and he's rather gender typical when afflicted.
we had our usual pizza night friday, after which t. bone took his before bed shower and passed out with the help of nyquil.
after swim practice and morning workouts, we three met grandma to see catching fire and eat popcorn for lunch.
i was lukewarm on the film choice, but i left with the intention to get my hands on a copy of mocking jay.
i don’t think i can wait for the movie release to find out what happens.
we took ted to his bat mitzvah party and came home to play wii.
miss bit was practicing archery inspired by katniss herself.
i opted for a dance off that left me sweaty and sitting in front of the fan.
the only song i received more stars for than my 9 year old was a barry white classic.
it figures.
after church, the better part of our sunday was devoted to football, hanging out and holiday decorating.
it felt strange and too soon, but then we woke to snow this morning and it felt more right.
hopefully it melts soon so coach can light up our outside too.
coach came home and headed straight for the shower, the kids played football in the yard and i started miss bit's choice dinner: pork chops, applesauce and rice.
my brother and sil stopped in for a little end of weekend before dinner cheer.
they declined a last minute dinner invitation.
i blame the rice a roni.
at the end of the weekend, we were all looking forward to a short week, lots of time together and a day to be extra thankful for all of our blessings.