Friday, November 8, 2013

Grateful Friday

Today I give Thanks for...

Finishing Half Broke Horses, so now I am committed to The Telling Room, and only the Telling Room.  I hope to finish it this week.

A new pair of my favorite ever gloves.


A night of Wizard.  It's a fun card game that is best with a group.  I love games, but I've never been a card shark.  This game has me hooked.

Finding Bodi.  My Dad admitted after the ordeal that he would have stayed until he found him.  I feared and also understood that because I believe in dog as man's best friend.  Cat too.

The family cave.  The four of us camped out in one room last weekend.  It was cozy and comfortable.

A regular plain vanilla week.  Schedule changes screw me up.

New Bogs for Miss Bit and Zappos for free shipping.  We ordered and returned numerous pairs before getting the right fit.  Who would have thought my 9 year old would need a women's size 8!

80's radio stations especially on grey days while traversing country roads.

A stock of apples fresh from the Door County orchard we visited, but they are going fast.

Finally watching Eat Pray Love even if it did take me all day.  I'm still thinking about this line: Americans know entertainment not pleasure.   I liked the book better than the movie, and I only kinda liked the book, but I was in the mood for a chic flick.  I thought Julia Roberts was fabulous though.

T. Bone has three friends over right now.  They ate a bag of chips and a batch of cookies.  I'm about to put pizzas in the oven.  I have a new found understanding of growing boys.

Handwritten notes from two friends and two family members this week.  The art of the handwritten letter is not lost on me.  I appreciate it.

Little flakes started to fly after Coach and I finished our walk yesterday.  It was the perfect night for casseroles (baked spaghetti for them and tuna noodle for me), which just happened to be hot and ready when we got home.

Miss Bit and I snuggled in to watch Bee Season this week.  It was a tad bit deep, or obscure, but she found the meaning.  I was impressed, yet not surprised.

Coach has a birthday coming up next week.  Time to celebrate!

I'm feeling unsettled this week, but in a good way.  Like I'm asking the important questions and listening for the answers and then taking them to heart.  That's how change happens.  Change is hard and also cathartic.