Friday, November 22, 2013

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

The sirens that sent us to the basement Sunday morning did not announce any tornadoes.  Not here anyhow. My heart is heavy for our neighbors to the south who were not so lucky.

Finally starting to feel some Christmas spirit.  I heard a holiday commercial jingle the other day and was forced out of denial.  It is mid November and the holidays are fast approaching.  I have been resisting not in a bah humbug way, but more of a I don't want it to come and be over way.  I'm an anticipation junkie.

Christmas music...the first step.

I spent most of Sunday in bed. It was stormy and we were all tired from weekend sleepovers and late night parties so it was a perfect day to cozy in with my cats, books and glut of recorded shows.  I was guilt ridden, but happily so.  I rose only to go to my in laws and then cozy into their couch for football and then family dinner.

Miss Bit didn't even call home from her Saturday night sleepover.  She had a blast and didn't think to miss us, but I think she was glad that she decided to bring Allie and Ellie after all.  She and her BFF, coincidentally, have stuffed animals named after one another.  I think that's sweet.

SNL.  I think it's finally got its groove back.

Allowing myself a couple hours to watch a movie one morning this week.  It was an entertaining diversion and I was extra inspired to be productive the rest of the day.

Clean closets.  I did the first sweep.  There will be at least one more.

Gooey grilled cheese sandwiches with regular American cheese on good sourdough bread.

T. Bone's choir concert this week.  They really rocked it.  I got chills during a few of the lines they sang from Home.  They also sang Dust in the Wind and Joy to the World.  I doubt they know who Dylan or Three Dog Night are, but the audience of parents and grandparents was certainly nostalgic.  When he came home inspired, he got right on his guitar to practice.

The Big Chill.  I've got to see that again.

Coach is enjoying a guy's weekend in the north woods.

Miss Bit is completely engrossed in The Hunger Games right now.  She started reading a classmate's copy at school last week.  I relented and picked it up from the library for her.  I haven't read it, but Coach has and thought it was ok.  Plus she's seen the movie.  But still I worry.  Now she wants a bow and arrow for Christmas.

I woke up to snow flurries this morning.  It made me feel happy.

I am going to decorate my dining room tree tomorrow.  It's the one on which I display all my Mom's ornaments so it's a little emotional for me.  I have a chat with her while I trim away, and I'm in need of a mother daughter heart to heart.