Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Today I'd Be Grateful For 30 More Days Of November

This morning as I sat surveying my yard and sipping my coffee, I tried desperately to focus on these first peaceful morning moments.  There is no other time of day when my cup feels this full.  I'm not meditating...I am practicing being solely in the moment.  I'm not praying...I am paying reverence and feeling grounded, shored up and lifted at once.  It's difficult to keep my mind from going where it wants to go: to all the coulds and shoulds of the day ahead.  During this five minute span, fifteen if I'm lucky, I seek to notice things and honor the day.  Then I often end up here because I want to capture these feelings of contentment and gratitude.  I want to share them.  Celebrate them.

This morning I looked up to see at least a half dozen squirrels.   They were still sleepy in the now barren branches of a tree and tucked in tail over body.  It warmed my heart to realize that their tails are really built in blankets.  It wasn't snowing, but every so often a random flake would waft onto the now white ground.  The yard is covered in snow.  The snow is covered in tracks.  It's a virtual legend for the critters who call our yard home.

There are ski tracks too.  T. Bone decided to hang up his snowboard and give skiing a try this year.  Last night he put on his gear and tried  it out in our hill-less yard.  I would say he's a tad eager.  And determined. Ah, but he's waited so long to hit the slopes again.  This is the earliest we've had snow in years so I'm hopeful for a long and stellar ski season.

He came home from his guitar lesson last night and started strumming away.  I recognized Winter Wonderland and Jingle Bell Rock.  It sounded great, but out of place.  I don't know what it is with my internal clock and the calendar this year.  They are not in sync.

It's snowing now.  So fine are the flakes they are deceiving to the naked eye. Yet I can see it's almost winter. I'm listening to carols. Vince Guaraldi's Skating is sounding through the house.  The holidays are here I can hear. Thanksgiving is this week and then the countdown to Christmas commences.  I know it, but I don't feel it.