Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2 day pass

the weekend was full.
i am saying full in an effort to not say busy.
busy is an ugly word with stinky airs in my book.
busy sounds like an arduous chore.
full sounds like a beautiful choice.
it was so full that i am just now finding a moment to write about it.
i almost skipped it because come tuesday morning i am thinking about the next weekend not the last.
but is was good and full and so here i am.
i am here because i want to remember how we enjoyed dinner at a different table each night.
friday was shabbat dinner with friends.
saturday we celebrated a belated birthday with family.
sunday we shared an early thanksgiving feast with more family.
so we certainly felt grateful for good food and blessed by the company we kept all weekend long.
that is the perfect november state of mind: thankful...
full of thanks.