Monday, November 11, 2013

2 day pass

this weekend was...
a festive friday night.
happy hours to jettison us into the weekend.
a lazy saturday morning.
challah for camel's eyes, and hgtv, blogs and books.
a come what may kind of day.
boys leave in their best for a bar mitvah.
to the trails with my girl where the wind grows colder as we log miles.
warming up over bowls of chicken pastina topped with buttery crackers (me) or pasta heaped with parmesan (her).
for her, always pasta.
and truckloads of parmesan...the good stuff.
shopping the afternoon away for a birthday present and nothing in particular.
except an antique key that she needed to be white and metal and hers straight away.
we found it and for $1.
at our final stop
in a random bin.
3 to choose from.
made me look like the rockin' mama i am.
kfc for dinner.
putting your fried chicken desires out on the www is a powerful thing.
sadly, it was not as scrumptious as my childhood taste buds remember.
at least i won't need to challenge my arteries for another 25 years.
a quiet night.
in a freshly clean house -
thanks to miss bit who was my awesome after dinner assistant.
she thought cleaning toilet bowls was fun.
you should see her bathroom sink.
a hot, long shower.
dreamy lavender soap and creamy lavender lotion.
soothing, sleep inducing.
early to bed.
early to rise.
a sunday of homesteading.
sunday school cancelled.
t. bone home and alone for the first time all weekend.
leaves and laundry,  and lizard cages and grocery lists.
chores...yes, but with gratitude and purpose and satisfaction.
taking good care and with great love.
family dinner...the star of every sunday.
not necessarily because of what we cook, but because of what it signifies:
togetherness, fellowship, communion.
comfort and celebration too.
just like the weekends we look forward to every week.