Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer (5/30)

So I already failed the 30 day challenge, but I'll take my mulligan.  Today is (5/30).  There was no (4/30).  It's the way these lazy days of summer progress.  They take hold.  They suck you in.  You think you have all the hours in the day and then suddenly it's the gloaming yet again. You think you will need to put more to dos on your list to keep everyone entertained, and then you wake up one day and it's July 24th .  It's July 24th and you don't even know where your list is, but someway...somehow you've kept plenty busy. You think you have 3 months of leisure and suddenly it's late July.  Reality is setting in: fall will beckon before we know it.  Miss Bit reacts violently (well, as violently as she is able to) when back to school commercials are aired on the t.v. or radio.  The past few days have hinted of what is to come.  Low humidity...cooler mornings and nights...they remind us that fall is looming on the horizon that is morphing everyday as each day gets shorter.  Yesterday I spotted a caterpillar on the path.  I took a snap to show my daughter, our resident naturalist. Caterpillars are third only to frogs and turtles in her field guide.  She decided to accompany me today just in case he was still there.  She was better company than the Dashwood sisters I've been tuning into while I walk despite the fact that I find them rather entertaining too.  We never did cross paths with Mr. Caterpillar, or any other for that matter.  There were other creatures that delighted her almost as much.  When she stopped to make a wish on an extra large dandelion, she wished only to fly.  She didn't tell me, yet I knew.  I know.  I love that her mind can still imagine the possibility of impossibility.  I love that she has a treasure trove of wishes and hopes and dreams.  I love that she so loves this earth and sees so much worthy and good in every small every minute each little moment.

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