Sunday, July 21, 2013

2 day pass

it was a weekend free and clear.
no alarms. no to dos. no shoulds.  only coulds.
there was only one of us with any set in stone plans on every any given day.
he happens to be busy being busy these days.
the rest of us were gloriously happy not to be.
unscheduled time is like winning the lottery in my book.
that leaves vast open windows for reading and writing and watching a movie in the middle of the afternoon thank you very much.
it leaves time for rather spur of the moment trips to the lake to read in the afternoon sun with toes dug into the smooth sand.
the air was no longer an oven, but the water was like a warm bath in only the most pleasing ways.
there were waffle mornings and walks in the mid afternoon.
so what if miss bit added 2 tablespoons of baking soda instead of 2 teaspoons.
syrup is forgiving.
a sunday afternoon storm derailed end of weekend festival plans.
shhh...but as the skies darkened, i prayed for a shower or two.
instead of going out we snuggled in to chill and nap.
then we gathered for an impromptu panini dinner.
and we were no worse for the wear.
we may have been better for it.

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