Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just One Paragraph (6/30)

Tonight I don't know if I have even a single paragraph.  I do have thoughts.  Many thoughts.  They are running rogue and random and not the kind that make for witty or pretty stories tied with a bow.  It was a rough day.  I slept horribly last night.  I'm still reacting to the sun I got last weekend and then every day while I walked this week.  I'm peeling and itchy and mad at myself for getting in this position again.  Just as I was signing off my computer dreaming of coming home this afternoon, I spilled a near full glass of water all over my desk.  My mouse, my keyboard, some important paperwork were all submerged.  Right away I was chiding myself for not drinking the water.  If I had, none of that would have happened.  I crawled into bed and fell asleep for almost an hour when I got home, but before I drifted off, I was mad at myself again for behaving like Oblomov and leaving my girl to watch SpongeBob. I really dislike SpongeBob.  She wanted to do something.  I wanted to do nothing.  My malaise, exhaustion and that annoying sea sponge prevailed.  I woke up feeling much more human and much less self loathing.  Miss Bit and I went out to do a little shopping.  We went in for pillowcases.  She came out with the start of a fall wardrobe.  It made me chuckle because she's not much of a shopper and she has been boycotting any mention of back to school, yet here she was lobbying for school clothes.  We picked up dinner because I didn't even have the desire to reheat leftovers, and we sat down to eat at 8:00 with an episode of MasterChef.  T. Bone finally came home.  This summer it seems that he returns to shower and sometimes he eats and sleeps here too.  Coach made it home after an afternoon at the ballpark with friends.  The house is quiet now.  I'm about to take a couple Benadryl tablets and sleep the sleep of the dead.  It sounds heavenly.  Right now...this very moment is the best I've felt all day, but my body is still itchy and my mind is mottled.  This is the kind of day I'd rather forget, but this writing challenge is all about showing up here rain or shine...good or bad.  Today it isn't pretty, but that's life.  Hopefully, it will be better tomorrow.

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