Friday, July 5, 2013

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for the fact that I almost didn't realize it was Friday.  We've been on vacation and the day of the week has not been of much importance.  Spending time together, having fun, making memories...those are the kind of things that have mattered.

Luckily I took a few photos with my phone this week.  They aren't good, but they're ll I got.  My Samsung doesn't take good pictures as you can see.  It really has nothing to do with me.  That's why I'm ever so grateful that a brand new big girl camera is being shipped to me as I type here.

 This is one of Kermit's cousins.  Miss Bit caught him one day at the pond.  She knows just how to hold them and then she returns them right where she found them.  That way they can find their families she says.

 We enjoyed a boat excursion on the beautiful Wisconsin River. 

 Meet Captain Blackhawk. 

 The ducklings we met a month ago are almost as big as their mama.   

 And I think this turtle may have been alive since the Cambrian age.

 Pancakes anyone?

 The boys were happy to have us home so much and then after a quick trip, glad for us to return.

 This girl is not afraid to get into the thick of things.  Things like pond scum that is.

 Ready for a race.  A little sibling rivalry.

 She's already won his heart.

 Coach and I had a date to see Willy at Summerfest.  It was a great night listening to good music, drinking beer, eating pizza cones and the best of all...people watching!

 Clowning around at Witches Gulch.

 Monkey see monkey do.

  Beautiful sandstone bluffs.

Most precious lights of my life.