Monday, July 15, 2013

2 day pass

why is it i always feel summer slipping away this same time each year?
how is it?
after all...there are many more dog days before us than behind us.
and even knowing this, i still struggle to adjust my viewfinder.
i have a hunch that the unforeseen early end to the baseball season factors in here somewhere.
a sneaky suspicion.
friday's game was one of those games the knight's should have won.
it quickly became one of those games the boys could have won.
reminding us all in an unforgiving poignant way that it ain't over til' it's over.
i felt for all the boys...especially my two.
a party after the loss didn't seem like a good idea, but then it was.
there was still much to celebrate about the season, the team, the fans.
and they did...we did.
none of the boys wanted the night...the season to be over.
they were all scheming for sleepovers, and asking parents who had imbibed in a summer shandy or two.
t. bone came home with two of his teammates...two of his closest friends.
when i peaked in on them before turning in for the night, they were all sleeping soundly.
no doubt dreaming of the next day or adventure and not errors on the field.

we returned to the same fields for miss bit's all star game saturday eve and the stands were filled with the same family and friends that cheered t. bone on the night before.
she had a pit in her stomach nervous she was to be in the spotlight...
god forbid to get the ball.
she loves to hit but loathes the fielding.
we'll be working on that now that coach is down 2 teams for the rest of the summer.
our favorite fans gathered at casa wags for our favorite pizza after the game.

sunday morning t.  bone was home long enough to eat a donut before the phone rang and he was off with friends for the day.
the rest of us bathed in deep woods eau de parfum and headed to the audubon to frog and hike.
miss bit caught so many frogs that i lost count...big ones, little ones, teeny tiny ones, green ones, brown ones, loud ones, quiet ones...
she was hot on the trail of a snake out for a swim too.
he was too fast and slippery for her net though.
we ended up on the beach where we waded in the cool lake michigan water and where every other rock on the shore was heart least to me.
coach carried them all home for me.
after we deloused, we made dinner together.
coach grilled steaks and i sauteed spinach and shrooms, and it was delicious.
we all collapsed in the family room for a movie at the end of the weekend...
full in every way.