Friday, July 26, 2013

Grateful Friday (7/30)

Today I give thanks for friends.  I'm blessed with some great ones so I consider myself a lucky girl.  I don't see many of them as often as I would like, but that is starting to change as my children get older and more independent.  I know these ladies are there if and when I need them.  And when we do get back together, we don't skip a beat.  I've always thought that the barometer of real and true friendship is remaining tethered even when you're not connected.  Picking up the phone after months one day and picking up just where you left off.  No need to break the ice. No posturing.  No awkward pauses.  If there is silence, it is comfortable, and also rare because you can and do talk about anything and everything.  My friend Mary called the other night for one thing and before I knew it Miss Bit and I were on our way to her house for another.  She had raspberries fresh off the bush and she wanted to share her bounty with us.  Raspberries are T. Bone's best loved fruit.  We came bearing a just finished batch of chicken pastina soup for her.  It felt like we were pioneers sharing our harvests only we didn't drive our horse and buggy the mile to her house.  We took a walk around the block and past the first house Coach and I called home.  Incidentally, Mary is the first person my Mom called friend. We just chatted and enjoyed a sliver of the evening together and when it was done, we questioned why it is that we don't do just this more often.  So we said...we must...we will.

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