Thursday, July 11, 2013


I came across this personal inventory on another blog recently.  Unfortunately I cannot locate the source.  I was doing a lot of catch up this week after being off the grid the week prior so I was all over the WWW.

Playing  Ruzzle.  I am not a gamer.  Except now I am.  In fact, just typing the word Ruzzle right now presented me with the overwhelming urge to get on my phone and play a few matches.  So I did.  Games are serious time sucks.

Drinking not enough water and too much caffeine.

Eating plenty of tomato sandwiches and salads, lots of leftovers and really anything that can be grabbed on the fly for we are spending more time at the ball park than in the kitchen.

Watching movies.  Edward Scissorhands this week, which was way creepier and far less funny than I remembered it.  Also Next Next Food Network Star and always some reality t.v. that shall remain unconfessed.  Also clouds in the sky and birds in the backyard.

Listening to Pandora.  James Taylor radio in the mornings and Jack Johnson or REM radio in the eves.  Also Sense and Sensibility when I walk.

Wearing summer shoes : Reefs and Birkenstocks make me a happy girl.  So do skirts and Perscriptive’s Caylx my go to summer scent.

Reading And the Mountains Echoed.  So poignant just like Hosseini’s earlier novels.  Also Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior, and I’ve so many more worthy reads in cue it makes me giddy.

Feeling rather hormonal truth be told.  I am blessed out one day and beat down the next.

Wanting the entire summer off and maybe fall and winter too.  I guess that is really the answer for dreaming.

Wishing time would just stop already and stand still.  After the 4th, summer seems like a slippery slope.  I keep telling my glass is half empty self that we still have ¾ of vacation ahead of us and months of great weather, but it has yet to take hold.

Hoping I can figure out just how to use my new Nikon before Friday’s game since it is his last on these fields and maybe of the season.  Also hoping that tomorrow’s game is not his last.

Thinking that almost 9 and 12 ½ aren’t too shabby.  Miss Bit and T. Bone are busy enjoying a summer to remember.

Enjoying all things summer: plums, nectarine, green grapes and red cherries, an extra hour of sleep in the a.m., a 10 minute driveway to desk commute on workdays, boys in uniform, firecrackers and cloud creatures in the sky, vacations and staycations with my family, Instagram especially Project Life 365 and my mil’s recent snap of my girl loving on a hen named Henrietta, more daylight every day, iced tea and my new Bolle’s.

Loving life.