Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What A Difference A Day Makes

My alarm, not my cat, woke me from my dream this morning.  I was in Hawaii.  Except I was at that part of my vacation that seems to present itself over and over again in my dreams.  The part : it is time to leave paradise NOW and I haven't done or seen a thing during my stay.  Subtle wouldn't you say?

Today is damp and chilly.  I'm marinating in the sentiment of what a difference a day makes.  It's always true.  I am wishing I'd taken time to make sun tea yesterday. At least I won't bake along with my rotten bananas when I make bread later.  I was so looking forward to another sweaty, breezy walk around the park today, but instead I'll visit my elliptical in the basement and probably Downton Abbey too.  It no longer seems like a good day to visit the nursery in search of my elusive, yet beloved strepto carpella.  That's fine really because I picked up Laura Munson's This Is Not The Story You Think It Is...from the library yesterday, and I'm a little anxious to get into it.  I haven't lost myself in a good read for a few weeks so I'm due.   But,  universe you must know that I'd much prefer to do so while basking in the rays and sipping my sun tea.