Monday, May 13, 2013

2 day pass

the weekend started out slow.
friday was, it was cold and so it was the perfect night for carryout and hanging in.
we were down a child and that made picking out a movie all the easier.
miss bit chose surfer girl and we all enjoyed it...a couple of us for the second time.
then we snuggled side by side in bed and read until sleep called.
saturday the whole fam. worked well together cleaning and shopping and getting ready for evening company.
miss bit is such an eager and willing helper these days.
she chopped all the veggies for the salad except for the dreaded olives and she made perfect balls of cookie dough to be baked later.
then she planted herbs for grandma in cute little pots before it started to hail.
she gets so excited to make someone else feel happy, and could hardly contain herself all weekend to give me my gifts.
i love her generosity and her selfless nature.
the game went on despite the chilly, wet weather.
we enjoyed visiting with grandma and grandpa after at home in the warm, dry house.
they especially enjoyed the asparagus topped with perfectly poached eggs thanks to grandpa who proved that gadgets are really not needed.
i'm telling you that everything tastes so much better when topped with a runny yolk.
sunday church was exactly what i needed.
we had our favorite priest and he made me laugh and cry.
mother's day is bittersweet for me.
more sugar coated for the sweet love of my two than vinegar infused at the missing of my one.
coach and i went for our favorite coffee in a little out of the way neighborhood because it was as much about the vibe as the brew for me yesterday.
the coffeehouse was chill and earthy and organic.
the boys had an afternoon of baseball while me and my girl met some friends for a leisurely lunch.
the little girls ordered big frothy mugs of hot cocoa to warm their insides.
the big girls ordered a couple bordeaux blancs and a plate of escargot.
miss bit decided she would like to try a snail much to my surprise and delight.
she declared it yummy, garlicky and buttery.
now i have someone with whom to eat escargot.
it made me smile because my mom and i were partners in pulmonates back in our day.
crepes rounded out the meal...berry cream and/or ham and gruyere.
the day...the weekend wound down and left me  mostly feeling happy tired.

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