Friday, May 24, 2013

Grateful Friday

This Week I give thanks for...

T. Bone as Dionysus this week for a Greek God project toga and all.  Unfortunaltely, he refused to be photographed.

Words of wisdom from your children.  If you love what you do it's not work my son told me.  Then he went on to say, If I'm in the MLB, I'm going to love baseball.  If I'm a painter, I'm going to love painting.  I hope that is always the way he feels.

Miss Bit ran the mile in 9:52.  She was dreading it.  It took me back to middle school : the first time we ran the mile in gym class.  I hated it...and I had run plenty of miles before.  There was just something about that track and those 4 laps that were brutalizing.  So Yay!  She's done.

Khaled Hosseini just released a new novel.  And The Mountains Echoed should be in my mailbox in a couple days.  I am thinking about starting a book club again, and I think this would be the perfect kick off novel.

My friend is recovering from surgery and awaiting important news.  I'm going to be most grateful if it is good news.  He's due for some.

I learned how to use the gas grill!  The chicken looked and tasted as if it had been cooked by a master griller if I don't say so myself.

Neighbors who come through for you every time you ask.

Sweet lilacs.

Miss Bit was responsible for 2 RBIs in last night's game.

A weekend of baseball and bbqs.  T. Bone has a tournament all day Sunday.  I am grateful because I missed every one of his games last weekend.  This tournament is much closer.
Summer fruits.  We ate an entire bowl of green grapes in a matter of a day or two.  It's a good thing too because they were like $9!  The nectarines and raspberries are also all gone.

This mother/daughter journal.  I think this will be a great mode of communication between me and Miss Bit.

I finished This Is Not The Story You Think It Is...A Season of Unlikely Happiness
in less than 24 hours so it is safe to surmise that I loved it.  I took from it many nuggets which I may expound upon later, but this is the one that I think about sums it up for me:  It all comes down to this: love and fear.  And love is greater than fear.

I will pick up Katrina Kenison's Magical Journey from the library today for the long weekend although I expect this to be a quick read as well.

Somewhat impromptu plans with my oldest friend for dinner just the two of us tonight.  We don't do this enough even though we could and should.  I am very much looking forward to an evening of uninterrupted girl talk.

A long weekend.

Coach has off Tuesday.  I'm off until Thursday!