Friday, May 31, 2013

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Following through on Wednesday's plan to enjoy the day.  I took a long walk, started The Boleyn King
and watched The Jane Austen Book Club.  It was a gift of an afternoon.  I loved the movie.  It made me resolve to reread these classics.  I don't believe I have ever read Persuasion.  I am also enjoying Andersen's novel.  Historical fiction has never been my go to genre, but I do have a strong affinity for those Tudors.  Miss Bit asked for a synopsis and as soon as I said Henry VIII, she went on to fill in the family lineage.  Apparently, she just finished an autobiography of Elizabeth I.

Going for a mid-week matinee with Coach.  We saw The Great Gatsby, and it was better than I expected after some not so favorable reviews.  We both enjoyed it.  He was new to the story despite the fact that he wrote an essay on the novel for a final exam.

This morning as I was drying my hair, I saw a doe in the mirror.  She was wandering around the yard nibbling on bushes and weeds without care or concern.

Car talk.  On the way home from school, T. Bone is most in the mood to share happenings and stories with me.  I ask an occasional question, listen and learn a whole lot about what is going on in his world.

Paninis for a late after game dinner last night.  Even Miss Bit, my anti-sandwich girl, ate one.

T. Bone is really developing as a pitcher.  He has accuracy and control that amazes me and he is working on speed.

The summer schedule is mostly set.  It is a relief to know who needs to be where when, and to see that there is an abundance of time for spontaneity.

Great news for a friend waiting for biopsy results.

A new computer.



Time to do a project with Miss Bit right now.

Happy weekend.


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