Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2 day pass

i started the long weekend with a leisurely date with a favorite friend at a favorite spot.
we enjoyed dinner and drinks and uninterrupted conversation.
it was all a luxury : the prosecco, the food, the non-stop time to talk.
then we took a literal trip down memory lane as we drove through our old neighborhood.
it was a nice...really nice...night.

 scallops with artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, tomatoes and fennel.

 it was a glass is half full kind of night.

saturday we hit the ground running...or fielding.
both t. bone and miss bit had ball practice.
the chilly afternoon found us lounging in the den for a movie and a little takeout for lunch.
and then it was time to head to grandma and grandpa's for a bbq.
we all enjoyed the company and the baby back ribs.
miss bit also enjoyed the pool.
she didn't mind that the water was 20 plus degrees warmer than the air.

her lips didn't even turn blue!

sunday we were at the whim of baseball.
games were at the oh so convenient times of 8:30, 12 and 5:45.
but it was worth it and much fun to see such teamwork.
our U12 tournament team won all 3 games and first place.
it was just a little bit exciting.

breakfast of champions after the first win: donuts washed down with hamburgers and hot dogs!

chilling in between games with buster the team mascot...little boys love little dogs maybe as much as baseball!.

my view of my pitcher.

another victory walk.

trophy time.

his eye is on the #1 prize.

monday we woke up to more cold and lots of rain.
t. bone slept in until 11 a.m. and was then out the door to a friend's by 11:30.
miss bit played all day with the friend who spent the night.
coach and i were happy to putz and lounge.
we gathered late afternoon to bbq with friends.
despite the fact that we were back in flannel jammies at the end of the day, the weekend felt very much like an ode to summer.
after all, summer is truly a state of mind.