Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The clouds are breaking up and the sun is peaking out for the first time in days.  More inclement weather is in the forecast so I don't have long here if I want to remain dry during my walk.  It just dawned on me that in two weeks my days to myself will no longer be just mine.  And that's all good...great even...but just like changes in season, changes in schedule also take some getting used to for this old dog.  Upon first coming to this annual realization, I thought that I should start getting busy on my burgeoning to do list.  I fantasized momentarily about crossing things off left and right, up and down.  I imagined the relief that would bring. Truthfully, it didn't take but a minute for me to abandon that efficient, arduous plan.  New day : new me.  Change in season : fresh outlook.   I'm coming to terms with what can and what cannot wait.  I'm examining my priorities and focusing on what really matters to them...and also to me.

For the first time in maybe ever we ran out of milk, butter and fresh fruit.  Yesterday at breakfast Miss Bit declared, Mom, you really need to go to the grocery. And then she offered to make me a list. I chuckled with pride.  I was proud because I made time for more important things than shopping lists this weekend.  Things like walks, talks, movies, visits, reading, time together and time to myself.  No one starved.  We all survived.

And I have another true confession.  On Sunday, T. Bone had to pull his tournament jersey out of the dirty laundry.  I know...I know...I'm a terrible Mom .  And guess what else he had to do?  Wear red socks when the rest of the team had on blue.  It's a travesty.  Never your mind, that exactly two pairs of clean navy blue socks were in the laundry basket in his room. It's true : I was behind on laundry and still sound asleep where the boys wisely left me at 6:00 a.m. on a weekend morn.

Coach had the day off yesterday.  We went back and forth on how to spend it just the two of us...a rare occurrence.  He needs new tires.  I need a new camera and computer.  The lawn needs to be fertilized and trimmed.  Flowers need to be planted.  The house needs to be cleaned.  And you've already been apprised on the status of laundry and groceries at Casa Wags.  We decided to take a long walk and then went to the movies in the middle of the day and I didn't feel even a single pang of guilt.  Not one. I'm pretty sure he was guilt-free too.

After my walk today, I will do a little light cleaning, catch up on laundry and do some cooking.  I made a trip to the grocery store last night.  For the record, Miss Bit didn't even notice that she had milk for breakfast again this morning instead of water.  But I'm also going to something I want to do.  I may read.  I might watch a movie.  There's a chance I'll do both.  And do you know what?  I'll be a better me because of it.

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