Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Start of Something

Today I sent off my 10th grader and my 7th grader with a hint of disbelief questioning the end of summer and the fact that it feels not all that long ago I was their ages. The morning was just a little dicey. He went to bed early, but that doesn't mean he's an early riser. She couldn't sleep so she was dragging. The girl agonizes over her sleep. Neither one of them wanted much to do with breakfast. She had a case of nerves and he's adhering to a special cross country eating regimen so the critters got most of their muffins. He still had to gather supplies and almost left without his schedule. She needed me to do her hair and had visions of Dutch braids or French braids. I only know how to do American braids. There were no raised voices or tears. There were quick smiles for first day photos and hugs goodbye.

And then they were off and I was left with a steaming cup of coffee with real cream, a habit I fell back into during vacation, and a quiet house. Breakfast too thanks to my husband. I've forgotten how much I appreciate long mornings, solitude and time to think, write, read or create at the onset of the day when my mind is fresh and inspiration abounds. Getting up a single hour earlier makes a seismic difference. If only I could convince Teddy to rise 15 minutes earlier, every morning would be smooth sailing for all of us.

I was looking forward to our annual first day of school swim date because I love traditions and because I was ready to wash away the day I had at work. It wasn't pretty. I hated to break it to Lily that the National Weather Service issued a Beach Hazards Statement earlier because of high wave action and structural currents. It wasn't safe to swim. She surprised me with her no big deal response probably because it felt more like fall than summer, or maybe because in lieu, I suggested we go out for pizza.

Teddy had plans to carb load with his team at a spaghetti dinner. Lily even happily baked him brownies to share with his teammates, which was extra sweet. Mike, Lily and I had a fun date at Zaffiro's. We missed Ted, but sometimes it's nice being able to dote on our girl. Not to mention she's a cheap date: we got by with one pizza and we even brought home leftovers for Ted. He'll be looking for pizza after his first race tomorrow.

I feel perched on the cusp of endings and beginnings some obvious and others more obscure. After one of the hottest summers on record, today felt and smelled like fall. That always makes me pause. September is a tough month for me, but I also find it full of comfort and I will take it day by day, warning by warning, and celebration by celebration with the people by my side that make it all worth it.

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