Tuesday, August 30, 2016

48 Hours

I've been off the grid spending a week in northern Wisconsin, and I've only got a few minutes to spare before I need to pack for another day on another lake. Life is rough I tell ya. The truth is there are many other things that I could be doing. Perhaps, even should. My house is a mess, our fridge is pretty sparse, Ted still needs school supplies and to get his driver's permit, Lily needs to organize her locker, I have something like 500 pictures to edit and I'm having cloud issues, but here's the thing...there are exactly two days of summer vacation left and we are going to eke out every last joy moment basking in the sun, swimming in the surf and gloating in our freedom. I start out every summer resisting the spontaneity as I try to hold on to some semblance of routine until I give in. I give in. I don't give up. There's a difference. I'm not throwing in the towel exasperated...I'm waving the flag in celebration.  This time is precious...not to be squandered or sullied with mundane tasks and to dos. I've learned that these things will wait and the stories that we've written as we've lived these days fully will wait patiently to be told.

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