Tuesday, August 16, 2016


it was a couple days spent celebrating beginnings and endings...
rich histories and bright futures...
with family and friends.

friday i attended the funeral for the founder of the company i've worked for the past 25 years.
ab nicholas was a wonderful company leader and an even better human being.
he was generous with his success and humble despite his accomplishments.
he touched so many lives, which was evident by the closed city streets, standing room only church and 10 priest send-off.
at the reception after, we all sang varsity because ab was a huge supporter of badger nation.
i'll think of him every time i praise the alma mater we share.

just as day was turning to night, jess and i attended the salon opening for our stylist.
it was a nice evening in her new space with wine and a guitar player.
then we carried on the party around the kitchen island with more wine and some pizza.

saturday was a typical day of errands and chores...work outs and party planning too.
then, in the afternoon, we gathered at a cousin's for a little family reunion.
the dew point finally dropped below 70 so we enjoyed her back yard and the company.

we spent the day sunday getting ready for the lil'ympics and lily's 12th birthday bash.
the kids filled water balloons, the guys put together an obstacle course and arranged some other unconventional events for the friendly competition while i was busy in the kitchen.
i think fun was had by all and 4 hours flew by.

as night fell and the weekend expired, i felt greedy for a few more hours...another day.
these dog days of summer just don't last long enough and weekends never do no matter the time of year.
every day lily inches closer to becoming a teen, and long before this same time next year teddy will be driving.
it's good...it's time, but i find myself in need of consolation with every celebration.

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