Thursday, August 4, 2016


tomorrow is friday again...already.
i've yet to recap last weekend.
it's not because it was uneventful or forgettable...
it's just that i've been rather short on time.
last weekend was filled to the brim with dates and parties.
all good stuff.
friday eve lily and i had an impromptu date with jess to shop and then have dinner.
i finally ordered right and really enjoyed the shrimp i've so been craving.
we came home and watched family movies until 2 o'clock in the morning.
ted joined us and stayed even when we had crying jags.
truthfully there were more laughing fits.
funny how those vignettes can take me right back as if it wasn't all that long ago that he was singing feliz navidad in his spiderman pjs and she was madly in love with her num num and elmo.
i am so grateful for the movies we have, but i wish i'd taken a hundred more.
on saturday mike, lily and i had a date on windmill beach.
sadly, ted opted out.
we missed him, but he missed a sublime saturday.
we picked up a sinful fried chicken picnic lunch and enjoyed a rare warm and wavy water day.
i walked straight into lake michigan without my usual 30 minute wade.
it was heavenly.
lily swam for hours.
we didn't want to leave, but lily had a birthday sleepover.
since ted was out with friends, mike and i cleaned up and enjoyed libations and the aire libre at a bier garden.
then we splurged on a pizza baked in an authentic sicilian oven.
it was worth every non-whole30 compliant morsel.
on sunday we celebrated my father-in-law's birthday with swimming and steaks.
i was in charge of salads so i prepared two of my favorites: caesar and caprese.
it was another beautiful and fun day spent with family.
this upcoming weekend promises to hold more of the same.
stay tuned.

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