Friday, August 5, 2016

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Up north. Mike and Lily are having lots of fun at the cabin. They've spent most of their time on rivers and in water falls. She only complained a little about too many bug bites and too little wifi.

Home. Ted and I are holding down the fort at Casa Wags. He's been busy with cross country, driver's ed and Pokeman Go. Even though he declined my date night offer last night, I didn't take it personally. The guy was up at 7 o' clock sharp and running 5 miles by 7:30. In the course of the day, he biked upwards of 10 miles too. All he wanted to do was watch Practical Jokers and learn how to make smoothies. I cannot say I blame him.

This hilarious joker.

Girl time. Lily took me up on my offer to visit the wildlife sanctuary Tuesday. We had another great time feeding the animals with hooves and beaks (and the very friendly chipmunks), petting the elk's velvety antlers, and coaxing the wolf out of the den with hot dogs and howls.

Hot Hungarians. On the way home we passed a sausage house we used to frequent before kids when we would spend nearly every weekend at a friend's lake house. I had to stop and stock up for our upcoming lake vacation. It's been at least 20 years since I had a Schwai's Hot Hungarian.

Neighbors. My neighbor gave me the most delicious tomato from his garden the other day. I ate it with my smooth and silky scrambled eggs. It was better than cheese, which I would normally chose. He also gave me a bag of kirby cucumbers and I made my first batch of refrigerator pickles last night with garlic and dill I picked up at the farmer's market the other day along with a basket of fresh tomatoes because I'm so addicted.

Hand picked bouquets of zinnia and dahlias and sunflowers. It's happiness in a vase.

Literary turned culinary inspiration. Almond Apricot Cakes. I found the recipe in Picnic in Provence and it made perfect sense for the bag of apricots I picked up from Trader Joe's last week. They smelled delicious and my friends sure seemed to enjoy them the other night.

Happy hour with the girls midweek after a long day of getting Ted ready for back to school.

The golden hour so long at this time of year.

Peace and pine lined paths.

The truth in these Kahlil Gibran words: "Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky."

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