Sunday, August 14, 2016


i came here tonight to capture the past few days...
and then i realized i never did so for last weekend.
i could have just skipped it...moved on.
but the thing is...last weekend deserves remembering.
i'm still thinking about it.
it was filled to the brim with joy moments i simply cannot forget.
friday night it was just ted and i.
mike and lily were still up north.
he asked to order pizza.
i asked him out for pizza.
he accepted and requested lisas''s the pizza place that pulls my heart strings taut.
we had the joint almost to ourselves.
while we waited for our regular (s&p xc), he played the juke box: jack johnson, john mayer, coldplay, bob marley and earth wind and fire.
ok...not just earth wind and fire, but nanny's song: september.
it was a moment on top of so many moments.
saturday the whole family reunited and joined in celebration of lily's 12th birthday.
it was a beautiful evening set in my aunt and uncle's park-like yard.
it seems like yesterday they built this house and yet the entire landscape is strangely unrecognizable.
we visited, played croquet and cat bingo, ate delicious food, and sang to the birthday girl.
it was one of those nights you could just feel the love.
and wish to never end.

the plan sunday was to make the annual trek to the state fair with lily's friend.
it's a birthday tradition.
i value traditions.
we spent a ridiculous amount of time at the midway and money on cheese curds and other bad food, but it's what we do.
it's what we do every year so it must be of some value.
as long as these two are smiling at the end of the day i am not just satisfied, but happy.

the good thing is we came home tired and happy and full. 
and that's all i can ever hope for.

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