Friday, September 9, 2016

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

I think I've finally caught up here, or as much as I'm going to.This blog is my family scrapbook. It's my memory, and I always feel a little anxious when I leave holes, but I suspect that's going to happen more and more as my kids age and I start seriously delving into some other writing projects.

Home. These two are especially happy to have us back. They're finally letting us out of their sights for a few minutes at a time. It makes me happy that even when we are away, they have one another.

This frog whisperer. She's a frog protector too. At the beach the other day, she rescued some frogs she felt were being over handled. 

This micro mini snapping turtle another of Miss Bit's captures. Isn't he cute? And why are all turtles he?

Ted got a ribbon in his race last week, and he finished his race yesterday without any medical attention. Numerous runners pushed it too hard in the heat and humidity and required medical assistance.

Evidence. He came (on the annual first day of school swim), he saw (the algae), he did not conquer (swim), but he was with us just the same.

Klode Beach no filter.

Plans tonight to catch up with a girlfriend. I'm looking forward to a little one on one time.

An impromptu date with my guy after Ted's back to school night this week.

Back to school night. I love meeting all the teachers and hearing about the curriculum. He's in good hands and he has some engaging projects and topics ahead of him this semester. The class I hear the most about is his election class. The school offers it every four years. This particular election is providing plenty of good discussion material fodder and foolery.

These sweet Candlewick serving pieces. They belonged to my friend P's mother. She recently passed away and he gave them to me. I will use them and think of Mrs. S when I do.

He has his driver's permit. He's been logging hours practicing all week. So far so good.

Memories of Webb Lake.

Rain. We needed it and now everything is green again.

The heat and humidity are supposed to break soon.

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