Thursday, September 8, 2016


the holiday weekend was our last hurrah to summer as we know it.
can you tell that night is falling quick like the grand curtain?
and earlier?
i can live in denial until labor day and then the liminal quality of each passing day nags...takes hold...demands notice.
acceptance comes next.
don't get me wrong though...what is to come are some of my favorite months and weather of the year.
another harbinger of what is to come was the first badger football game of the season saturday.
a major and exciting win.
it must be said here for posterity that my husband is the most loyal (and loudest) fan.
i had so much fun watching the game with him and taking him down in gin (cards not spirits) that i didn't mind at all the last minute canceling of the party we were to attend.
we hosted an impromptu and lovely bbq with friends sunday night.
the kind of friends you feel no stress before, no airs during and that lingering goodness after.
every gathering should be so real and easy.
monday we did as promised and took lil bit to our favorite lake one last time for the year.
it was a hot, humid day and the beach was the place to be.
the water was refreshing and the relaxing hours just what we all needed.
all except ted who chose to hang with friends.
we could have begged and or insisted he come, but it wouldn't have been to anyone's benefit or comfort.
she made friends with frogs.
tiny frogs, medium frogs and enormous frogs too.
she's inclusive.
then she caught the cutest baby snapping turtle and i wanted to take him home.
we didn't.
monday night mike grilled perfect burgers for family dinner and i shucked the sweetest first ear of the season, and it was well worth the wait.
some of us snuck into the family room to watch bachelor in paradise (defectors shall remain anonymous).
i curled up in bed with my book and my cat wondering why every weekend isn't 3 days.
3 days is just right...enough.

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